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1 Dominicon CD - Now Cheap !

Erie, PA's best kept mosh secret.

Crushing hardcore featuring many members of X Disciple X !

MidCD - € 4.00

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2 In The Eyes Of The Lord CD - NOW CHEAP !

This is the completely re-mastered and re-packaged version, including 3 bonus tracks, of 100 DEMONS' Good Life Recordings debut 'In The Eyes Of The Lord', to celebrate the return of original vocalist Bruce.

2 of the extra tracks feature HATEBREED's own Sean Martin on guitars !

"In the Eyes of the Lord' came out in 2000 and quickly became one of Good Life Recordings' best releases.  The brutal hardcore from this Connecticut 5-piece still sounds fresh and this Re-issue is a must for any fan of 100 Demons or any fan of brutal hardcore, period !"

CD - € 4.00

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3 No Dividing Line CD - Now Cheap !

NOW ONLY 4  € !

Customer Review : "Guys, this is one of the best releases ever on GL." - Ben / UK.

SICKER THAN MOST are New Jersey's Best Kept Secret, now about to break big with the release of their full length debut 'No Dividing Line' CD on Good Life Recordings.

Expect 12 tracks of angry, agressive Beatdown Hardcore featuring Joe from Jersey hardcore legends CLUBBER LANG !

CD Also has guest spots by James 'Stikman' Ismean from FURY OF FIVE / BOXCUTTER and Jeremy Tingle from LIFELESS NLFTW.

Tracklisting :

1. Stand Fight Unite
2. Bring The Pain
3. Where We're At
4. Morning Star
5. You Are Nothing
6. Burning Bridges
7. Who The Fuck Are You ?
8. Unseen Scars
9. Carry This Together
10. For Mom
11. The Real Thing
12. Embrace The End

CD - € 4.00

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4 We Got Game CD + Now Cheap !

NOW ONLY 4 € !

Harder, Better and more anger and groove than their previous work, 'We Got Game' is ONESTA's Magnum Opus - for fans of N.Y.H.C.

Upon hearing the Mastered version of the new ONESTA CD, Belgium's top Mixer and Sound Wizzard Extraordinaire, Nicolas Declève said : "the production is perfect. Onesta are really at the top of their game with this album !"

It’s really hard not to notice the amount of good bands here in Europe that pick up the torch that was ignited by those like Agnostic Front or Breakdown. With the latest successful releases by No Turning Back, 1125 or Last Hope, the competition is high and you gotta step up with something special to get noticed. With their first release for Goodlife, Onesta prove they got what it takes.

CD - € 4.00

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5 The Legacy 17-Track CD - Now Cheap !

NOW ONLY 4 € !

The Final Congress Release, contains :

- 4 Brandnew Tracks,

- The complete Euridium debut CD,

- The Other Cheek CD,

- the Congress songs from the split CD with Mindsnare

- and 1 unreleased track !

A must have for every fan of Congress, Edgemetal, H8000 Hardcore, Holy Terror and Metalcore !

Tracklisting :

1. Shadow Breed
2. Live the Pain
3. Turmoil Inside
4. Swansong / Warrior Within
6. Forsaken Future
7. Infection
8. When Things Go Wrong
9. Under Pressure
10. Choose Confusion
11. What We Need
12. Blackened Persistance
13. Temple of Truth
14. R.I. / I Lead Astray
15. Conspiracy of Silence (Video Below)
16. Acoustic Life
17. Black Demon


CD - € 4.00

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6 Unbreakable CD - Now Cheap !

NOW ONLY 4 € !

BALBOA are still a relatively young band from the same area as NASTY and play a similar style, I always thought of them as NASTY's kid brother band. (Ludo from Nasty has now even joined BALBOA on second guitar!)

'Unbreakable' is their second full length CD, recorded by Ludo's Supercheval Productions and mastered, of course by none other than Nicolas Declève.  Let the party begin !!!

CD - € 4.00

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7 Carved Into Flesh CD - Now Cheap !

NOW ONLY 4 € !

CRAWLSPACE need no introduction. The gang who introduced Limburg Tough Guy Fury have been around for a long time. After a devastating MCD on the now-defunct RPP Productions and a split with their bros in FULL COURT PRESS the band signed with Good Life's Subsidiary label FINAL BEATDOWN RECORDS and released their legendary full length debut 'Enter The Realm of Chaos' CD/LP.

CRAWLSPACE are now back, more technical and skilled than ever with a bomb of an album aptly titled 'Carved Into Flesh'. High quality recording and an excellent mastering job by Nicolas Declève guarantee a GREAT album with 7 new tracks plus 2 old tracks off the MCD reworked into brutality ! 


1. The Devil's Work
2. Forever To Sin
3. As Wolves Amongst The Flock
4. Cutthroat Fantasy
5. Destroy It All
6. The New Breed
7.Carved Into Flesh
8. Creation of Hate (Re-recorded)
9. Don't Get Mad... Get Even (Re-recorded)

CD - € 4.00

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8 Black Nails And Bloody Wrists

Amazing full length by this Scandinavian powerhouse! Emotional, passionate, hard and METAL - fans of Arkangel, Caliban, Heaven Shall Burn and Poison The Well will love this! Produced by Tue Madsen (Born From Pain, The Haunted, Knuckledust, In Quest...).

CD - € 4.00

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9 Nightmare, Inc. CD - NOW CHEAP !!

Strong and solid songwriting, along with the speediest and hardest modern death metal influenced hardcore, a dose of melody and the most brutal moshparts, and a message to spread...

A Traitor Like Judas will surely please fans of As I Lay Dying, The Black Dahlia Murder, Unearth, In Flames and Heaven Shall Burn.

Pick it up cheap now !

CD - € 4.00

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10 Do Unto Others LP - RARE !

The first all new studio recording from this Albany NY band in almost 5 years. Power metalcore in the vein of their popular “Hymns For An Unknown God” lp !

On Final Beatdown Records. Heavy, brutal NY influenced hardcore for fans of Madball, Blood For Blood, All Out War.

Feat. Jason Bittner (now in SHADOWS FALL) on drums.

So there are legends and then there are legends.
And then beyond that, there’s STIGMATA.

STIGMATA are (on this album) :

* Bob Riley : Vocals
* Buddy Armstrong : Bass
* Mike Maney : L. Guitar
* Jason Sunkes : Guitar
* Jason Bittner : Drums

note : album sleeve can have some ringwear and small dings from old age

LP - € 9.00

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