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Pyrrhic Victory Cd - NEW !

 It was roughly a year ago when Zao released their last full-length album The Well-Intentioned Virus. Come November 2017, Zao will be releasing a 5 song EP that continues to feed the eager cult followers of this 24-year-old band.

For those of you that were pleased with The Well-Intentioned Virus, this new release, Pyrrhic Victory is an extension of this album. The writing is somewhat similar, and the paced songs with evenly structured tracks deliver another complete release that satisfies. From the more rabid and intense song "Drifting Shadows In Walking Dreams" to the more melodic counterpart in "Feed it Pain", this EP contains a diverse momentum and tone while holding together Zao's true form and sound.
For a band who's sound has a strong metalcore background, Zao has been able to form their own sound, manipulating multiple sub-genres, creating melodic, emotional tracks with catchy riffs, while always containing the grit, soul, and sweat that is of Zao's valuable history, as reflected in their darkly laced tone.
An amicable release, with quality songs makes me excited for future releases from this band. They continue to surprise me with every new creation.
Cover art once again by the brilliant Matt Kerley.
1.  Drifting Shadows In Walking Dreams 
2.  Gifts Of Flowers And Stone 
3.  Clawing, Clawing, Never Cutting Through     
4.  The Host Has Bared Its Teeth 
5.  Feed It Pain

CD - € 9.99

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