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Madre Mia Gracias Por Los Dias CD

XIBALBA is a Mayan word which translates to “place of fear”, and is basically their version of an underworld.  Demons are given power to kill, destroy, crush, and rip faces off.

Similarly, Southern California’s Xibalba accomplish many of the same things with the music. Fusing death metal influences like Sepultura and Obituary with more modern and 90’s hardcore, Xibalba’s downtuned, heavy as fuck music is a force to reckoned with.

The old world influence is only evident to the trained eye, but Xibalba gives nods not only to the hardcore bands they were raised on, but to the culture which spawned them. Xibalba not only know their roots, but make sure you won’t forget them either with these 8 crushing songs. Pure hatred.


01. Bright Sun
02. Madre Mia
03. Never Kneel
04. Fallen
05. Time's Up
06. We Deserve to Die
07. Red
08. Obiturary


CD - € 12.00

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