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The Chain

Founded on the early 2002, xLINHA DE FRENTEx comes with the propose of making a strong hardcore with energetic lyrics about, veganism, straight edge posture, and about questions around members reality. The first record came out on Meketref Records (2003), and it was a 8 track EP called Campo de batalha (Battlefield), at that moment with a different lineup. Manoel Moraes (Vocals and Guitar), Cleyton Albernaz (vocals), Filipe Braga (Guitar), Rodrigo Leite (Bass) and Frederico Galeno (Drums).

Between 2003 and 2005 xLINHA DE FRENTEx, spent all its energy to fix a new lineup, now with, tree vocals, two guitarists (a new member, Kleston), a new bassist (Daniel), and Frederico on Drums. During these years the band made a few shows beside bands like xCONFRONTOx (BR), Purification (IT), Entrefuego (CHILE) in Brazil.

On 2005 xLDFx was invited to make part on a Split CD with DZSPERO that just came out on ONE VOICE RECORDS, called Cuidando dos negcios (Taking care of business), and to record a Fulllenght CD on xSTORM OF JUSTICEx that IS OUT NOW !!!

CD - € 12.00

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