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You Betta Axe Somebody !

From the underground, into your scene, and taking over - Wolf-Cell-Solid is coming through to give a true alternative to all those hardcore and straight-edge kids that love hiphop, but are straight tired of all the bling, cars, and hoes bullshit that has no true message or meaning.

Taking the old school hardcore ethic of "two thirds message, one third music" down a totally different route, Wolf-Cell-Solid have concocted a lethal dose of 100% SXE underground hip-hop.

Wolf-cell-solid is an elite team of superXcontra’s hell-bent on bringing down the destructive corporate forces that are currently tightening their grip on the world. Made up of xsplintlockx, xgnostikaix, and shadowxwalker, three special operatives from the terrorist group known as superXcontra, WOLF-CELL-S0LID has become one of the most outspoken and volatile groups to take on all traitors of mother earth. the group expects that those who have an interest in their message and mission be active in this war to smite the destroyers of earth, demanding that those who claim the vegan straight edge step beyond themselves and take on the role of soldier, ninja, warrior, master, etc. they have devised a colored belt system so that fellow adherents can better recognize each other and form splinter cells around the globe. while vegan straight edge has become a movement with lasting impacts, WOLF-CELL-S0LID seeks a stronger community with greater organizing skills to better battle the aggressors.

“if media and governments want to label straight edge a gang, then why don’t we actually become even more like a gang? we need to take care of our own even if we don’t know an individual personally. think about that when you find out the kid you just took a swing at is also edge. let’s turn our anger away from each other and channel it toward our true enemies.” - shadowxwalker

CD - € 12.00

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