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Execution Style CD

Without Remorse are a deathcore band with HUGE beatdown hardcore influences, from New York.

from the band : "THIS IS THE DEAL… Since forming in early 2004, our sole mission as a band has been to make violent, aggressive, memorable NY-style Death Metal/Hardcore for all of those who truly appreciate the heart and integrity of heavy music. Not for you fake-ass jokes who have made our beloved scene one big, embarrassing fashion show. WITHOUT REMORSE-NEW YORK — ‘RIDE WITH US OR GET RAN-THE-FUCK-OVER’"
For fans of Nasty, Line of Scrimmage, Waking The Cadaver, Years Spent Cold, etc.

Tracklisting :

1. Intro
2. Our Ascent To The Throne 
3. War For Tomorrow
4. Body Count
5. Execution Style
6. Nail In Tha Coffin
7. American Disgrace
8. All Is Lost
9. Downgrade The Illusion


CD - € 12.00

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