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Keep Your Head Up CD

Weight of the Crown is a young band from Pennsylvania that has a lot more heart, dedication, and conviction than their older predecessors who have fallen off and seem to find nothing good about the hardcore of today's world... and most of their peers who pretend to support the scene by posting on message boards telling stories of how "about it" they really are but you never see them anywhere supporting real hardcore bands. What i'm trying to say here is that this band is 100% real hardcore from real hardcore kids: telling their stories through their music and their lyrics about shit they really know about and have really experienced without trying to come off like some wild-ass tough guy band. This CD is the perfect example of what i'm talking about.

The songs are straight-forward, in-your-face hardcore. Simple, well-written catchy songs that can appeal to a mass audience of anyone who likes any type of heavy music; Pummeling guitars, strong and sharp drums, a loud-ass bass to add some real balls, and solid vocals that tell you everything you ever needed to know about drug-addiction, depression, betrayal, and skateboarding. That's right, I said skateboarding. That's what i'm talking about though. This band seems write the music they want to send the message they want, not the message or music that necessarily the popular hardcore crowd is asking for. Luckily for us, or me at the very least, it's exactly what we/i was looking for.

The recording on this CD is AMAZING; another product of len mttw's recording studio. You could probably play this on a boombox on the basketball court and it would still kick through the speakers. It's just all so... loud and heavy. Definitely no complaints there.

If you're looking for straight-forward hardcore with a mean groove that'll hit you hard from the first note to the last, then you need to pick this album up immediately. As always, be sure to check this band out if they're coming by your way because their live show is full of energy and it reflects perfectly on the music they're playing. Gang vocals, hard-hitting breaks, mean two-steps, and real lyrics that we can all somehow relate to... all without sounding like we've heard it before. What is there not to love? Stop sleeping; check this band out and support the hardcore scene that this band is positively contributing to, that we all say we love and care about... yet only half of us are actually supporting it !

CD - € 10.00

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