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s/t CD + Bonus Tracks !

From the Label : 

"The new team from Scotland at a dizzying pace conquering the entire United Kingdom, and slowly the rest of Europe. Fast and aggressive hardcore in a climate Newschool bands: Terror, Trapped Under Ice, Down To Nothing, No Turning Back, Broken Teeth and Cornered. 
Now INFO: The group was founded by two Poles who was once in the projects: 33 Rotations, Crush All Fakes, Intentions, Juliette, afterbirth. The rest of the band is a team from Scotland, is composed of several SXE, and the singer has recently finished his 18th birthday;) presented a compact version contains additional bonus tracks and specially for the occasion, a different cover artwork."
CD comes with 3 (live) Bonustracks !

CD - € 9.00

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