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Walk The Plank, from Liverpool, play hardcore in its most bare and violent form. No contrived mosh parts, no bullshit posing just absolute rage from start to finish.
It's impossible to pigeon-hole this band, since they don't fit in with any of the current crop of bands, but what you can expect is aggresive, mid-paced bass driven noise that will leave you in no doubt that this band is one of the best bands playing in England today.
Not that it matters but members have previous played in Voorhees and Withdrawn.With a shared love of bands like Slapshot, Negative Approach, Haymaker & Out Cold WTP crawled out from the mersey banks and quickly established a strong local following.

Nasty, harsh and brutal mid '80's hardcore these 7 songs will wreck your head. The CD contains interactive video footage from some legedary WTP shows including Planet x and the infamous boat show.

MCD - € 9.00

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