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Nothing As It Seems -ffo VERSE !! COLOR VINYL !

 Violent Sons is fronted by Sean Murphy from Verse, the Providence, RI hardcore act who has released four records setting the bar for the modern enhancement of youth crew standards and their own more progressive and yet equally passionate and politically engaged/enraged strain. Also including Raindance drummer Evan White, their ten-song introduction, "Nothing As It Seems," is a ferocious effort that would imaginably please fans of Verse's ambitious trajectory, and yet it is completely its own project for much of its blistering 22-minute length. A metallic undercurrent here, a blast-beat there, a smoggy atmosphere elsewhere, propulsive, Kurt Ballou-esque riffs at other points - it all makes for a uniquely punchy and multifaceted debut that subtly twists punk's heavier formula into new shapes and colors while retaining Murphy's exasperated, incensed, sociopolitical frustrations. LP includes digital download.

1.     Letters From The Future
2.     Heavy Burden
3.     Us Against Them
4.     Only Death
5.     I Am Nothing  
6.     Faith Pushers
7.     MK Ultra Minds
8.     Clean Boots
9.     Late Bloom
10.     Money Trail

LP - € 14.00

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