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The Flawed 7INCH - COLOR + Bonus !

 Formed in Staten Island, NY, VICE are a four piece hardcore band who combine many styles into one and bring you a fast, pissed off and heavy sound.  With a strong DIY ethic they intend to never stop working, releasing and touring.

After touring relentlessly for the past year all over the U.S. on one album, which is also available here, this is their new EP entitled "Flawed" on Frequency Deleted Records. The record is a very different style of powerviolence-influenced hardcore that is focused mainly on the message.

For fans of Revenge, Product Of Waste and Shoot To Kill.  7" includes digital download !


1. Since Birth
2. Every Future Is Flawed
3. Not In With The Out-Crowd
4. Leave
5. Last Of The Try-Hards

7 INCH - € 7.00

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