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Good Life 1 - The Way it Is CD

This record defined the European Straight Edge HardCore scene back in 1996.

Second Good Life Release - the compilation that immediately established the label at the forefront of the European Hardcore scene.  To this day a VERY enjoyable hardcore sampler that compiles exclusive tracks by bands from all over Europe, such as Separation, Veil, Congress, Liar, Mainstrike, Comrades and many more... way ahead of it's time !

Crazy over the top graphics and beautiful exclusive photos make this still one of the best looking HC comps ever !

Tracklist :      
1. END IN SIGHT 'The truth is out there'
2. CONGRESS 'Euridium / Lifting the ban'
3. LIAR 'Blade' (studio version)
4. BLINDFOLD 'Hypostatized'
5. SHORTSIGHT 'Screaming trees'
6. REGRESSION 'Mass appeal'
7. MAINSTRIKE 'Pursuit'
8. SEPARATION 'Wither'
9. VEIL 'In my heart'
10. SERENADES 'No words are spoken'
11. COMRADES 'Disillusioned'

CD - € 4.00

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