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Escapist Records presents a tribute to INTEGRITY, one of the most controversial and influential bands of the '90s, with 21 covers total, including contributions from Rise And Fall, Damien Done, Know The Score, Alcatraz, Dance Floor Justice, Creepout, X Eye of Judgement X, DIE YOUNG, Human Demise, Crowd Deterrent, These Days, The Phantom Pains and many more!

1. Creepout - Vocal Test
2. On Our Own - Judgement Day
3. Force Of Change - Seven Seremones Ad Mortuos
4. Incarnate - Tempest
5. Rise And Fall - Kingdom Of Hell
6. Know The Score - Bringing It Back
7. XEye Of JudgementX - Armenian Persecution
8. Die Young (TX) - ATF Assault
9. Human Demise - Psychological Warfare
10. Damien Done - Eighteen
11. Nothing Sacred - Sarin

12. Your Mistake - Grace Of The Unholy
13. Crowd Deterrent - No One
14. Daymares - Darkess
15. Alcatraz - Hollow
16. Dance Floor Justice - Systems Overload
17. The Phantom Pains - No Time For Sudden Glances
18. On Thin Ice - The Screams
19. Lie And Wait - Abraxas Annihilation
20. These Days - Micha: Those Who Fear Tomorrow
21. Evil Priest - Jagged Visions Of My True Destiny

CD - € 12.00

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