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"Mexico, a Country known for it’s Culture, folk Music, their delicious spicy food, Mayan ruins and other cool things, a land that has brought us great Metal and Punk acts now is known by a solid Hardcore scene which is lead by a promising, well known band from Tijuana by the name of Uprising A.D., now a legend in their Country, this band deliver a straight to your face, pissed off, heavy and true Hardcore sound.

The band mixes screamed, brutal vocals, heavy stomping guitars, punishing bass lines and sick drumming, all united to create the perfect blend Old School & New School Hardcore.

Judging by the songs on their Myspace page and the videos I saw through youtube this band is the real deal, true to what they believe, Hardcore is alive and well in Mexico, Uprising A.D. incites the crowd & puts the kids to dance, mosh & sing along, plus they have a loyal Mexican fan base by their side which is great. They are also known all over the World, especially in Spanish speaking Countries and in the U.S., mostly L.A. which felt the bands heaviness and attitude once they got on stage. They have opened for a lot of great well known Underground and famous acts from different genres (Hardcore, Metal, Punk, etc.),all the heavyweight’s that go to Mexico play with them and they get impressed by these Mexican's sound.

They just recently released their first album which is a self titled cd which is a must have Hardcore gem, destined to become a classic, it features a couple of guest appearances, including Scott Vogel from Terror, this is a must have, get your copy before it goes out of print homie. They have plans to release a split album entitled “The Courage of Two Nations” with a Japanese band (Pasqua), that I am sure will kick ass and it will catapult the band to a next level, so keep your eyes wide open in search for this release once is out. If you like tough guy Hardcore and enjoy heaviness this is a band recommended for you, you won’t regret it, it is ideal for any true Hardcore kid out there. If you go to Mexico, eat some tacos, go to the pyramids, visit D.F. and go to an Uprising A.D. show and prepare your mind for this, because it will be blown away. ¡Que viva el Hardcore!, Mexico is representing, and is on the map, Uprising A.D. is here to stay." - Emanuel "HARDCORE FOR LIFE MAGAZINE "( puerto rico)

CD - € 9.00

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