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Hours and Hours CD

TRACKLIST: 1. START WITH - Ryan Mills (of Kover) 2. SQUINT - Four Star Alarm 3. STEADFAST SHRINE - The Company We Keep (feat. Brian Southall of The Receiving End of Sirens w/Kenny Bridges of Moneen) 4. FREE DRUG ZONE - Favez 5. CHALK THE CRACKS - Steve Brodsky 6. CLEAN SLATE - Nora 7. MAGIC MOUNTAINMAN - Elemae 8. KID CANDY - The Action Design 9. COMMON MISTAKE - The Porter (feat. members of All Broken, Thursday & The Gaslight Anthem) 10. BAGGAGE - Killwhitneydead. 11. ONE OUT OF FOUR - Look What I Did 12. CRUSH US ALL - The Fire Still Burns 13. ANTILYRICAL - The Story Changes 14. CARD TRICKS - Worlds | Between | Us 15. STARGIRL - Joshua 16. STAGGER - Kane Hodder 17. LOSING SKIN - Rob Avery (of Boysetsfire) *BONUS FEATURE - Seaweed performing "Sit In Glass" live at Emo's, Houston, TX (1992). (Quicktime Video) Engineer Records presents: A Tribute To SEAWEED. For immediate release: Engineer Records is proud to announce that we have assembled a tribute to the late Tacoma, Washington post-punk band, SEAWEED! Seaweed started out releasing material on their own Leopard Gecko imprint in 1989, before moving onto a vinyl single with K Records, signing to Sub Pop a few years later for their career building albums "Despised," "Weak," and "Four." Then Hollywood Records picked the band up in 1993 and released their largest album to date, 1995's "Spanaway," their bombastic major label offering. Lasting only 1 album on Hollywood, the band and label unhitched and Seaweed then moved back to the indies. Merge Records issued their final release in 1999, "Actions and Indications" turned into their swan song and the band split later the same year. Seaweed's decade of existence came to an end. Seaweed's live show was impressive--they played their particular brand of post- Black Flag, Dischord-esque, Minneapolis-tinged rock (Okay, a hint of the mighty Grunge as well) with such zeal, they could have wrung their shirts into a cup after every show. By the time they decided to call it quits, Seaweed had seen about 300,000 faces, and rocked almost all of them. "Seaweed has been an important role-player of both myself and my label partner David (Engineer/Ignition Recs) in not only our label, but musically for both of us as well over the years. An impression was made in our formative years, that still hangs on us, just as strong to this day. They were a post-hardcore landmark in the 90's next to the likes of Quicksand, Samiam and Jawbox and easily just as vital in their own way. Remembering how much I wore out "Four" and "Spanaway" is as easy as reciting the alphabet. I'm definitely a die-hard fan. I hold high regard to their sense of jagged melody, charge, and just plain gut permeating Seaweed's catalogue of releases. This CD is a must for any Seaweed fan. You won't be disappointed!

CD - € 12.00

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