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Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out CD

New H8000 Trashmetal bomb featuring members and ex-members of Congress, Liar, Rise and Fall, Kingpin, Family of Dog, Your God is dead, Mindstab, Distorted, Sledgehammer, Daisy Temple, etc !!!


Vocals : Tom (Family of Dog, Congress)
Guitar : F-Double (Congress, Kingpin, Spineless)
Guitar : Nick (Mindstab)
Bass : Vez (Congress, Kingpin)
Drums : Tim (Congress, Liar, Your God Is Dead)

TRENCHFOOT bring you their interpretation of old school crossover-trash !

After more than a decade of being in leading European hardcore acts like CONGRESS, LIAR,KINGPIN and RISE AND FALL these routined players decided to finally return to their musical roots and started thrashing like in the old days.Think hard-hitting insane drums,shredding killer-guitars,frantic basstunes,over the top freaked-out vocals and crazy breakdown parts.

Influences include SLAYER, EXODUS, SUICIDAL TENDENCIES, S.O.D, etc.…

After the completed line-up summer 2007 this monster started thrashing the stages near and far and played gigs with MUNICIPAL WASTE, INTEGRITY, TOXIC HOLOCAUST, LEGION OF THE DAMNED, 25 TA LIFE…

With their debut full-length TURN ON-TUNE IN-DROP OUT they will put Belgian crossover-thrash on the map !  Try to see these mofo’s live! They’re a kick-ass live band!


CD - € 12.00

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