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Unconsecrated CD+DVD. Ltd Slipcase Edition !

Limited Edition CD+DVD Package, comes in a Slipcase !

As seen on tour with Bring Me The Horizon.  For fans of Job For A Cowboy, Morbid Angel, All Shall Perish and Decapitated !

Review by a customer :
'One of the few good deathcore albums'
"Just the other day I was trying to listen to some deathcore bands, just for the sake of variety as I had been listening to a lot of pure death metal lately. I tried, I honestly tried. I tried to listen to BMTH and Waking the Cadaver, but I failed completely and was left with a strange mix of emotions. I was amused, confused, angered but just confused for the most part. I'm not an 'elitist' (a stupid word, if you ask me) by any means - I enjoy Trivium, Lamb of God, Shadows Fall etc. just as much as Obituary, Internal Suffering or Beheaded – but I was convinced that this deathcore genre was a complete abomination. Then I came across The Red Shore, a band which I had listened to briefly before but never managed to grab my attention. This time around, they did.
Once you get the hang of this album (which happens to be their debut album), it's quite fun. It's focused, it's fun and uncompromisingly brutal in its approach. The Red Shore fuse elements of deathcore with technical death metal, and the result is staggering. The technical death metal/deathcore tag may bring The Faceless to mind, but The Red Shore are completely different. This album is almost stripped bare of any sort of melody or atmosphere, and the occasional guitar solos are turned into the only outlet for melody, which contrasts extremely well with the violent approach that prevails throughout the album. Despite the single minded approach, everything is tight musically and every member of the band confidently does his job... simply put, there is a sense of harmony here, unlike most deathcore bands who feel as if they're just hammering away on their instruments without a sense of purpose.
The guitar-work is top notch, and the guitarists display an amazing arsenal of riffs, from razor-sharp tremolo riffs that cut through your skin to blunt Gorguts inspired riffs that never cease to amaze me. The drummer does a good job too - constantly hammering away, constantly changing rhythm and giving the music a nice groovy touch. Vocals? Excellent. I've never heard better vocals on a deathcore, or technical death metal album for that matter. The vocals are mostly in the low range and are pretty guttural AND clear. The guy has a nice sarcastic touch to his voice, the type of childish sarcasm usually associated with legit psychopaths and serial killers.
The breakdowns here are pretty fun. They're traditional chugga-chugga fare just like other deathcore bands, but unlike (the band's closest comparison) The Faceless, the breakdowns aren't neatly hidden underneath guitar solos. The breakdowns aren't all over the place, they're actually well placed and come in at the right time and you'd have to be nailed on a wall to stop yourself from headbanging and whatnot during these breakdowns.
This is a very good album and even if you dislike deathcore or metalcore, I'd still suggest you give this a try..."

CD - € 12.00

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