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 By the time you're a couple minutes into this important album, you've already been hit by Movie samples, Heavy Hardcore, Death Metal parts, Slam parts, Breakbeats, Hip hop, Reggae, Dancehall, you name it.

Founded by members of Enemy Mind, Vow of Hatred and other alumni of the Pittsburgh Hardcore scene, THE PROJECTS come with a sense of urgency rarely found nowadays.
This 30-minute disc comes off as a continuous mixtape type format... if you're looking for something a little different this might be it.
Vocalist Greenfield Mike comments :
"The idea was that if someone who didn't know us listened to that recording they might realize that although what they were ultimately listening to was "death metal" that the creators of the music are drawing from a surprisingly wide array of influences, and that a lot of the ideas of how heavy music is written, laid out in format, and presented don't need to be followed so strictly.
Aside from various movie clips which try to highlight our sense of humor about it there are influences from : hip hop (new and classic), dancehall, drum and base, electronic, some old classic rock and more."
for fans of Enemy Mind, Drowning (Chicago) and Vow of Hatred.
Tracklisting :
Save Yourself
There Ain't No Reason
Understands Or Cares No One
You Will Not Survive
Ya Tuckin' Dicks Like Youre Wild Bill Wild Eyes Real
You Know This
Hater's Dont Existit's Just That You Don't Like The Truth
You Better Pray For Darkness
Imma Tell You Again No One Feels Your Shit
You Don't Wanna Know The Truth
Don't Waste Your Time And Try That Fuckin' Shit On Me
Can't Tell You How I Hate This World
I Guess I'll Never Learn
No One's Ready To Deal With This
Nevermind What You Think Youll Do
Let's Be Real You Heard Our Shit You Tried To Bite
You Ask If I'm OK
You Hear The Steps
I Recognize When Someone Tries
Smile In Your Face Inside I Feel
The Air We Breath The Blood We Bleed The Shit We Need It's Fucked
Shut The Fuck Up You Ain't Never Seen The Gutter
I Hear You Breathin' But Your Heart No Longer
Anger Hate And Spite
I Straight Hate
I Sit Alone In A Dark Room
Rest In Piece Bitch
They Savin'
I'm Fuckin' Sick Of Everyone I See
First Mistake I Made
When I Close My Eyes There Ain't No Happy Place
You Got No Fuckin' Bussiness In This

CD - € 19.99

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