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Welcome the Miscreants CD

New Band of ex-SHAI HULUD vocalist Geert Van Der Velde !
A collection of 6 raw and furious metal tracks in the vein of The Haunted, Hatesphere or Carcass !

Lyrically the CD is as dark and richly texturized as any work of literature. Van der Velde tackles topics and themes such as 'the (ab)use of language in Religion' (Blood As Spirit), 'technological overoptimism' (The Ideal Austere) or even the supremacy of "reason" over "madness" and the marginilization of those who defy it's division (Welcome the Miscreants).

Musically WTM bleeds and breathes energy. It's memorable riffs and choruses will make you want to put the record on again and again while it's lyrics and them will keeping you chanting along and intellectually demanding more!

Add it all up and you have one headbanging, fist pumping and socially rebellious beast of a record !


CD - € 8.00

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