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Underneath Blood Skies CD - IRATE

THE JUDAS SYNDROME is a line up of truly talented and veteran musicians from the NYC Metal and Hardcore scene that helped keep the fire of true metal alive in New York whilst metal was in a dark age. Composed of ex-members of Afflitus, Stifling Neglect, and the mighty Irate, The Judas Syndrome are a hard hitting, thunderous wall of aggression and visible frenzy that focus on returning to the metal birthed from Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer and Anthrax as well as to uphold the progress of modern metal since the Big 4 era.

Here's what other Extreme Music Musicians say about The Judas Syndrome :

"The first time Phil sent me a track from his "new band" I was like, "oh..awesome, I havent heard any new hardcore in a while that I actually liked.. it'd probably be cool" and I was completely wrong. Its the furthest thing from hardcore, and the closest thing to the way metal SHOULD be played."
Paul (Black Anvil) - E-mail

"Keep your eyes out for this band!! They're pissed off and Phil's vocals are harder then ever. These guys will be in your face soon!"
Lorenzo (Sworn Enemy) - E-mail

"The Judas Syndrome blew me away when I heard it! Their melodic thrash is a breath of fresh air in the current heavy scene. I can't wait for the full album!"
Doc Coyle (God Forbid) - E-mail"

The Judas Syndrome will be the band to truly bring back Thrash to the metal AND hardcore scene. Hope you like your face cause it's gonna get ripped the fuck off when their new shit drops."
Jamie BFL (Death Threat) - E-mail

"The Judas Syndrome has the combination of all that is needed by the youth of metal, with quickness and brutality. Coalescing with the strict guidelines of a 40 year old metal elitist."
Matt (Born of Osiris/Veil of Maya) - E-mail

"The Judas Syndrome are bringing back the Thrash era style of metal, and don't give a fuck if you like it or not. Successfully blending influences from At The Gates and The Haunted to All Out War, they deliver a style of their own that is fast, pummeling, and relentless."
Alex (White Chapel) - E-mail

"This is HARD ass riffin ass metal! Pissed vocals with awesome guitar harmonies. Stoked to hear the rest of the record. Im down!"
Jesse (Emmure) - E-mail

"The Judas Syndrome doesn't limit themselves to whats cool these days. They play pissed off Thrash Metal that makes you wanna kill cops"
Danny (Endwell) - E-mail

"The Judas Syndrome's music is fuckin brutal! They've got that aggressive feel that really gets my adrenaline pumpin! A very talented well thought out and intensely executed approach to Thrash Metal for sure...In other words...The shit's hard yo! Much Respect!"
Joseph James (Agnostic Front) - E-mail

"Wow!! The Judas Syndrome is without a doubt, head pounding and melodically engaging. But to take it a step further, they throw in some breakdowns that'll leave a dance floor lookin' like the aftermath of a decapitation party."
Kenneth Schalk (Candiria) - E-mail

CD - € 12.00

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