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Within Dividia CD

"My, this is almost as good as Converge's 'Jane Doe'.  Not only is it monstrously heavy and complex, it projects a lot of atmosphere that stylistically comparable albums lack. In terms of "technical hardcore" or whatever you want to call it, The End is one of the most complex I've come across.

Tortured vocals scream over massively heavy & wrangled rhythms of jarring, vertigo-inducing tempo shifts. But technical complexity is easy to reproduce, and The End also possesses the inimitable qualities of great music, such as craftsmanship and atmosphere. The album has a smothering, frightening, and ragingly vengeful atmosphere supported by an intuitive emotional arc throughout the album.

There is a pair of short instrumental pieces which are almost the complete opposite in character, being minimalist in construction but with the same palpable tension throughout the rest of the album. The mix is very "washy", making the album sound like it is being heard from your nightmares."

CD - € 12.00

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