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Iconoclasm CD

The Effort is a straight edge hardcore band that formed in 2006, playing a style of music that blends the modern youth crew sound of Boston's late 1990s with the socially conscious lyrics of artists like Inside Out, 108, and Boy Sets Fire.

Consisting of nine new songs, three re-recorded songs and guest vocals by Sweet Pete (In My Eyes), "Iconoclasm" features a much more mature sound musically and lyrically. The album is sure to continue inspiring crowds to climb over and on top of each other for the chance to scream into the microphone !


1. Transmit
2. The Price Of Medication
3. 1985
4. Steps Ahead
5. Born Again Presidency
6. A Breath Of Fresh Air
7. And To Think
8. Nineteen Years Late
9. Crashing Waves
10. Tips And Directions
11. My Declaration
12. Black Sheep

CD - € 10.00

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