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Handnumbered edition of 100 COPIES with INSERT and STICKER !

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When bands with lengthy band names release a self-titled disc, it takes a while to pronounce it all. No worry for these guys, you can always refer to them as The Brave. I don't know where they got the name from, but it sounds like an Arnold Schwarzenegger or Star Wars quote to me.

Furthermore, their sound is as sophisticated as the robots in Star Wars, or The Terminator. And can you also remember that basement sound that trademarked the first Converge releases? It's comparable with that atmosphere. They only serve you three songs, from which one is fully musical.
The Brave is flirting with the borders of the impossible, chaotic and diverse without limiting themselves. They lose some sight of structure at times, but their intentions are the right ones. Pick elements from post-rock to fuse them with screamo, metal drums and straight forward Converge energy to get an idea of what The Brave is aiming for. At this point they are a diamond in the rough, but with everything at present to craft that diamond into a real shiny one.

Art by Kluze Hellion (Black Haven, AmenRa) !

CD - € 8.00

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