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Time's Up - Color Vinyl LP + Bonus !

 Four of some of hardcore's most important names from both coasts got together to finally bring back that early '80s hardcore sound, and this sound is called The Alligators.

Featuring members Roger Miret (Agnostic Front), Rich Labbate (Insted), Steve Larson (Insted) and Barret Burt (Insted), The Alligators sound a bit like something that might've been filed in between Agnostic Front's landmark efforts "United Blood" and "Victim In Pain," and is undoubtedly an old-school hardcore band.

The Alligators wear their influences on their sleeve, tipping their hats to bands like SSD, Antidote, Negative Approach, Poison Idea and more.

Vinyl version includes digital download !


1. Not A Fucking Police State
2. You Ruined Everything
3. Leave Us Alone
4. Open Your Eyes
5. Cause And Effect
6. Slave To Society
7. It's A Warning
8. There's Two Sides
9. Kill The Criminals
10. Look At Us Now
11. Time's Up, You're Dead
12. No Brains, No Balls
13. We The People
14. Song 1
15. Ready To Fight
16. Vendetta

LP - € 13.00

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