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Total Retaliation Lp - Limited YELLOW Vinyl !!

 Clocking in at just under 30 minutes, 'Total Retaliation' is a succinct, yet intense message of resistance within a world that can inspire little else.  It's a helping hand for the disillusioned and a firm middle finger to the authorities that are tearing apart society as we know it. 

As the band's seventh full-length studio album, it serves as yet another example of why TERROR has not only endured, but remained at the top of their game for over 15 years. 

Vinyl version includes digital download. This is the yellow vinyl version, exclusive and limited to 300 copies !

1.     This World Never Wanted Me
2.     Mental Demolition
3.     Get Off My Back
4.     One More Enemy
5.     Break The Lock
6.     In Spite Of These Times
7.     Total Retaliation
8.     Post Armageddon Interlude
9.     Spirit Of Sacrifice
10.     I Don't Know You
11.     Behind The Bars
12.     Suffer The Edge Of The Lies
13.     Resistant To The Changes

LP - € 24.99

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