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Bite The Bullet CD

"Bite the Bullet" is Tech 9's latest Fuck You to civilization and you'd be a fool to miss out on music that is pure and honest from a band that has survived 4 decades by playing crushing Hardcore / Punk rock.

There really aren't that many bands in the Hardcore / Punk scene that can say they've survived 4 decades of playing shows, writing records, having a blast on the road and having plenty of arguments along the way. Of those bands that have made that treacherous journey through the years to span 4 decades, Tech 9 are one of the few to have done it and kept their integrity. It's now 2012 and Tech 9 are about to unleash another slab of raging Hardcore / Punk with their debut album on GSR titled "Bite the Bullet". It's safe to say that there are no surprises on offer and after 20+ years of playing shows that range from the smallest packed clubs to open air festivals such as the legendary Dynamo Open Air why would you want any surprises? What Tech 9 do is deliver song after song of anthemic Hardcore / Punk that grabs you by the throat and violently throws you around like a rag doll. With each listen of "Bite the Bullet" you'll find yourself wanting more and more as each song implants itself in your memory. Any Hardcore / Punk kid should look no further than "Bite the Bullet" as these 14 tracks deliver everything anybody could ever want. Raging aggression is quickly follwed with street punk anthems and then into thrashy hardcore punk, all played with an attitude and ethic that reflects playing through 4 decades. Each year that Tech 9 have existed can be felt and heard within all 14 tracks of "Bite the Bullet" and that's just how it should be. There are some people that may never give a band like Tech 9 a chance because they aren't the latest internet trend and that's fine and that'll be your loss, but Tech 9 are as real as it gets and have seen it all before and they'll see it all again. They'll still be here, forging through the flames of chaos that lies ahead and creating crushing album after crushing album. "Bite the Bullet" is their latest Fuck You to civilization and you'd be a fool to miss out on music that is pure and honest in a time that people quickly point a finger towards anyhing that is fake and has no credence. Why look further, Tech 9 will give you everything you are looking for.

For Fans Of: Agnostic Front, Discipline, Cock Sparrer, Blood For Blood, Sick of It all
Tracklisting :

Gotta do it
Is this the way
Place I call hell
Devil in your eyes
You're gonna get it
Another day
You know me
Change your ways
I don't care
Bad Times
Running down

CD - € 14.00

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