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Project 1 DVD (Amenra)

Syndrome are the newest addition to the evergrowing Church of Ra !

This DVD comes nicely packaged with a nice booklet with photos, illustrations and text.

here is a review from one of their recent performances :

"The Syndrome act opened the show and Amen Ra guitar player Mathieu Van De Kerckhove appeared on stage. Together with Tine Guns, partner in crime behind the electronics, he pulled off some heart-rending noisescapes. Syndrome emerged as an attractive showcase with distorted variations. Sometimes the set seemed a bit inconsistent or too less smooth. The atmosphere was serene, yet intense and sensitively. With a monophone drone metal appearance, pierced with some great electric guitar feedback and laptop sample sounds, Van De Kerckhove dictated a slow, impressive and ambient character. These sfumato soundscapes, especially in combination with the visuals, are just made for relaxing and sprawling out on a lounge chair... alas! These visuals imprinted some morbid, nonetheless lively and animated evocative elements. Syndrome put on a strapping and rather addicting show:  I wouldn't mind repeating the experience!"

DVD - € 8.00

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