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Humanity CD - NYHC !

STRENGTHEN WHAT REMAINS play straight up “tough guy” hardcore, brutal mosh and it has a hardcore feel to and not the typical metalcore sound.

Their music is in your face for the entire 10 tracks. They do not really break any new ground musically or stylistically but who cares if the music is good it’s good! SWR has some good riffs and aggressive drumming mixed in there. Second, Josh’s voice has a great old-school hardcore feel to it. Josh’s style kind of reminds me of Madball and Agnostic Front.

This is an extremely solid debut album. Despite some production setbacks, Strengthen What Remains proceed to pound your eardrums as if they were a heavy bag. Humanity is more in the vein of classic hardcore instead of the indistinguishable difference between a lot of modern hardcore and metalcore !

Tracklisting :

1. Intro
2. Falling Mask (Betrayal)
3. Seasons In Misanthropy
4. The Horrible Gates
5. Mutilated Corpse
6. Escape Denied
7. Lack Of Empathy
8. The Voiceless Messiah
9. Ruins
10. Bringer Of Death


CD - € 12.00

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