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All The Plans We Made LTD. COLOR LP !

Rome's Strength Approach unleash their debut GSR offering titled ALL THE PLANS WE MADE ARE GOING TO FAIL - and what a debut it is ; from the first second to the last, Strength Approach's brand of hardcore explodes from the speakers with raging intensity and yet rich melody that fuse together to bring you infectious and instantly memorable songs in an old school hardcore vein that is reminicent of bands such as Sick Of It All and Kid Dynamite, yet doesn't sound stale or jaded, but fresh, vibrant and bursting with energy ! 
The 15 songs that make up ALL THE PLANS WE MADE ARE GOING TO FAIL all have that burning, desperate intensity of a live show that so many bands seem unable to capture in the studio, which is just what Strength Approach have managed to do. The result is raw, yet polished and full of energy which is instigated by the razor sharp guitars and tuneful, yet aggressive vocals of singer Alex. Every song is an anthem in it's own right and when listening to this, you can visualise the pile ons, sing alongs and stage dives that will take place when Strength Approach obliterate everyone with their crushing live shows. These songs are definitely written for audience participation and no doubt chaso will ensue when they take the stage.
A glorious album that keeps the roots of hardcore intact, alive and pumping with energy and intensity !

For fans of – Sick Of It All, Minor Threat, Slapshot, Kid Dynamite !!

LP - € 12.00

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