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Stand Up ! CD

After a decade of silence, Clevo HC legends The Spudmonsters have returned with an insightful and punishing new record. Picking up right where they left off, Don Foose and the Spuds bring their music and message harder, stronger and louder than ever, mixing the styles of Agnostic Front and Integrity.

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"I’ve come to accept the norm that anytime a band comes back from the dead after more than a year or so, it’s almost never a good thing when they decide to record. It’s the rarity when a band is able to dust off the cobwebs and jump right back in where they left off. Needless to say when I heard that Cleveland’s The Spudmonsters were gearing up to record a new album after a decade of dormancy, I grumbled a bit. While Don and the boys have continued to make music since the last Spuds disc, I just didn’t see how a recollecting and writing something new was going to come close to capturing the charisma of the earlier albums.

Well I guess I owe an apology to Don & Co. because this album is fantastic. I’ll never front like I was the Spudmonsters’ #1 fan but I’ve always dug their stuff. Being that the majority of the hardcore I gravitate towards has always been that mid-90’s crossover style, Moment Of Truth always finds itself in my playlist. Usually accompanies bands like DRI, Cro-Mags, Ringworm, and Biohazard. But back to the subject at hand; When The Spudmonsters put out their last disc in 1996 they were effectively blending thrash and old school hardcore with that signature Cleveland style groove. A lot of the old-head Spuds fans will disagree with me but I think Moment Of Truth captured them at their prime. It was perfect middle ground of what they were and what they would go onto do with future projects.

Stand Up For What You Believe is almost as perfect of a continuation as you can get. The album gets right down to business with the first track, One Family. It’s fast, abrasive, and unforgiving and it sets the tone for the rest of the album to follow. 11 tracks of solid crossover thrash/hardcore full of solos, creepy crawls, singalongs, and mosh influencing groove. The lyrics are thought provoking without being too in your face about it. With each passing year I’m finding less and less new hardcore bands to get into, so this was definitely a treat hearing some of the masters come back to teach us how to do things right.

Another thing I must touch on is the production. My production snobbiness is always on whenever I review new records. If the album sounds like the band didn’t even try to make it atleast sound good on a production level, my level of interest begins to fade as the record progresses. Even if the music might be good the production can be a killer for a band to get a good review out of me. No worries here though. Stand Up… is about as flawless as you can get with a record. Every instrument stands out without one of them dominating over the rest. I first listened to this on iTunes through my computer. This is a notoriously bad way to listen to a record and even on my laptop, the album sounded phenomenal. Kudos to Scott Roberts and UE Nastasi for putting together another top-notch sounding album to add to their resumes.

This album can’t come recommended higher. There is a lot of hype around the return of The Spudmonsters right now and some people are concerned if the band will live up to it. On June 21st, when this album finally drops the doubters will be silenced. This album is definitely a contender for record of the year. After my initial doubts, I’m truly speechless how this turned out."

CD - € 14.00

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