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Worship.Regret Cd
Skin Crawler are a new H8000 Hardcore band from Belgium.  The band contains former and current members of Seventh Circle, Golden Bullet, Murder Intentions and X Vicious X.

Musically they play heavy hardcore with almost a retro feel at times.  For fans of Arkangel, X Repentance X, and Merauder !
1. 00.00.00 (00:00)
2. Bloodsoaked (00:58)
3. Hollow (03:23)
4. Under The Weight (05:54)
5. 09.26.94 (09:26)
6. Suffocated (10:22)
7. In Mourning (12:33)
8. 15.57.20 (15:56)
9. Crucify Me (17:27)
10. 20.32.62 (20:32)

CD - € 10.00

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