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Dreams Don't Die CD - NEW CD

 New York City Hardcore legends Skarhead have decided to tip their hat to the bands that have either influenced them or helped to build the scene over the years with a album of cover songs called “Dreams Don’t Die”. The album features some of the greatest frontmen in hardcore today performing guest spots, with the likes of Scott Volgel (Terror), Mad Joe Black (Wisdom In Chains), Paul Bearer (Sheer Terror) and many more. 

This album is has epic re-do’s of songs from bands like Youth Of Today, S.O.D., Cro Mags, Agnostic Front, Sheer Terror, Leeway, Killing Time, Warzone and many others.
Amazing Craig Holloway Artwork rounds out an incredible record !
Incredible album - all these classics recorded with today's technology and superb playing skills makes for a formidable record - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED !!!

Tracklisting :

1. “The Hard Way” (originally by Outburst) – featuring Scott Vogel
2. “Backtrack” (originally by Killing Time) – featuring Mad Joe
3. “As One” (originally by Warzone)
4. “Trueblue” (originally by Underdog) – featuring Jimmy Williams & Stress The Whiteboy
5. “Pete’s Sake” (originally by Sick Of It All) – featuring Bundy Blunts
6. “Malfunction” (originally by Cro-Mags) – featuring Eddie Sutton
7. “Sit Home And Rot” (originally by Murphy’s Law) – featuring Stress The Whiteboy
8. “United Forces” (originally by S.O.D.) – featuring Adlib
9. “Stand For” (originally by Leeway) – featuring Eye-Ra-Haze
10. “Cup O Joe” (originally by Sheer Terror)
11. “Break Down The Walls” (originally by Youth Of Today) – featuring Ivan Murillo
12. “Soulcraft” (originally by Bad Brains) – featuring Eddie Sutton
13. “With Time (originally by Agnostic Front)
14. “When You Were Mine” (originally by Cyndi Lauper) – featuring Paul Bearer

CD - € 13.00

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