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Music » Shockwave » This World Is Ours 2 x Lp + Flexi pack !

This World Is Ours 2 x Lp + Flexi pack !

In 1996 (before the revivals and campy blockbusters), SHOCKWAVE created a phenomenon in a remote, frozen lake-effect wasteland. Little is known about the shrouded group,but their mission to pay homage to the glory days with blistering dive bombs and barking dual vocals was clear.

And although the future for SHOCKWAVE and their movement is unclear, the legacy is unmistakable. Packaged as a double LP and flexi 7/decoder set, 'This World Is Ours' documents all 40 hard-to-find cadences for the first time. Use the decoder flexi 7 to unlock the secrets within the layout. Because knowing is always half the battle.


Tracklisting :

01. Introduction To Oblivion
02. The Ultimate Doom
03. Day Of Machines
04. Revenge Of Bruticus
05. Divide And Conquer
06. The Key To Vector Sigma Pt 1
07. The Inspection Syndrome
08. Five Faces Of Darkness
09. The Key To Vector Sigma Pt 2
10. Grenade Face
11. Hardest Burden To Bear
12. Wardawn
13. Outro To Extinction
14. The Girl Who Loved Powerglide
15. Bruticus
16. Ironhide (demo)
17. Buzzsaw (demo)
18. Ravage (demo)
19. Bombshell (demo)
20. Merge For The Kill
21. Revenge
22. Chamelicon
23. Autohate
24. Blood Drinkers
25. Warriors Of Cobra
26. Goldwreck
27. Circle Like Wolves
28. Paper Doll
29. Shockwave
30. Swindle
31. Dirge
32. Frenzy
33. Deadend
34. Ravage
35. Shrapnel
36. Devastator
37. Kickback
38. Bombshell
39. Warpath
40. Afflicted Past (on Flexi 7) 


2 X LP - € 45.00

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