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Standing Up for Falling Down CD - NYHC

 On August 13, 2010, Sheer Terror reared its ugly head once again and it appears that the illustrious Reverend Paul Bearer along with the new and improved lineup of Mike Delorenzo (guitar), Jason Carter (bass) and Anthony Corallo (drums) are here to stay this time.  

After delivering their first 7", "Spite," to satiate the hunger of the hardcore masses, the first Sheer Terror full-length in 18 years is about to drop on our heads like a bag of cinder blocks.  Recorded in early 2014 by Dean Baltulonis at Thump Studios in Brooklyn, NY, "Standing Up For Falling Down" pulls no punches !

1.      Heartburn In G
2.      Ain't Alright
3.      Weird, Jealous, And Fat
4.      Boots, Braces & Alimony
5.      Coffee, 5 Sugars
6.      Did You Just Meet Me?   
7.      Love You Like A Leper
8.      Sandbox Tonka
9.      The Revenge Of Mr. Jiggs
10.      Cigarettes & Farts
11.      Singalongastupid

CD - € 12.00

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