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Back To The Streets CD

Brand New 2008 Disc from Germany's Killing Machine, SETTLE THE SCORE !

"HARDCORE is more than a music genre and d.i.y. is not a trend. so the chemistry between these two things combined with the power and the strength of Settle The Score results in a big long lasting mix! " BACK TO THE STREETS " is the title of the new baby.

And here we are, a new record with new songs in a new dress you wouldn`t ever expect. some of you have heard " family", "back to the streets" or "misery " and some of you haven`t anything, so be ready and prepare yourself for the new stuff. there`re many influences combined with the typical STS sound. lyrics about life and death, about friendship, respect, tolerance and about life." - STS 2008.

Christoph from CHEAP THRILLS !!!

Tracklist: 01. Welcome To My Crew | 02. Misery | 03. Deep Inside | 04. Back To The Streets | 05. Fight Back | 06. Count On Us | 07. N.F.B. | 08. Losing Your Face | 09. Broken Wings | 10. Wasting Away | 11. Side By Side | 12. Stand And Fight | 13. Family

Available NOW !

CD - € 12.00

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