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Music » Second to none » Defeat CD - Collector's Item !

Defeat CD - Collector's Item !

Impossible to find CLASSIC cd on Cartel Records by New Jersey's SECOND TO NONE whose members later went on to be in SHATTERED REALM, etc.

Review from Asice :

Finally... after trying for god knows how many years and about 2 years after the band split up, Cartel Records still got to release the full length from New Jersey's SECOND TO NONE.

And believe me, this one was worth the wait because it has all the STN classics included. For those familiar with the 7"s from Second To None, you know what to expect. This is no music for the emo-kids amongst us, but 100% real tough guy hardcore. Over time STN managed to keep their own style within the genre and that shows on this disc.

Try mixing Fury Of Five & Bulldoze and mix that up with some other tough guy bands and what comes out of the blender is something a bit more original then just the mix of the previously mentioned names. The lyrics are somewhat cliché about how hard life is, people getting betrayed and so on. It's a pity the band has broken up, because still in this day and age STN could play ball in the big league of tough guy hardcore. If you can find "Defeat" definitely pick it up, it's a cd that should be in everyone's cd rack as this band has seemed to be underestimated (or simply uncovered) by alot of people,and that's a pity. I give this one 2 thumbs up.

Rating: ****


CD - € 14.00

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