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Without Mercy CD

First time this store received the self-released SAVIOUR cd.  As for what they sound like, we will let our Japanese friend Hiro tell you :

"Belgium voluntary release debut MCD of H8000 from TUFF GUY / BEATDOWN HC band SAVIOUR! Sound bad distribution very sound source that has been released in '10. Contents The contents to understand the band of the same area as the band of H8000 ★ HEADSHOT, MURDERHORN, of CROSSED THE LINE around is nice. Style coming crowded mix quite a mosh Part beat down to the main music a fast and metallic style popular in Belgium. H8000 royal style of style that comes mixed with metallic luster reasonable based on the tough classic ◎ NYHC also mosh part that you come to shift down into two stages and dropped of intense incoming in chop! It is the finish of the feel good songs with the contents come to Zunzun beat down with open pit like crazy tilt! It is recommended for people you like PUSHED TOO FAR, RATFACE, CROSSED THE LINE, HEADSHOT, JONNY UNSTOPPABLE, THE BOSS, etc.!"

CD - € 9.00

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