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Music » Sanction » The Infringement of God's Plan CD - NYHC, New !

The Infringement of God's Plan CD - NYHC, New !

 SANCTION are helping to prove heavy is back in Strong Island, New York !  Influenced by late- 90s and early- 00s crushers like Zao, It Dies Today and Martyr AD, the band pack huge amounts of crunch and breakdown into this album.

They have played around the east coast including the Incendiary record release show, a tour with Vein and Buried Dreams, and one off shows with Knocked Loose and On Broken Wings.

CD is a Limited edition of 200 copies !!

1.     Enter (In Five Fragmemts)
2.     (1) The Prophet Who Saw Fire
3.     (2) Sixhundredthirtyone
4.     (3) Fixated Upon A Figure
5.     (4) Untitled
6.     (5) The Infringement Of God's Plan
7.     Exit (Chord Radius)

CD - € 11.99

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