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SANCTIFY HER DEATH was spawned by Built Upon Frustration guitarist Derek Kovacs and Passover singer Jack Wright. 

After a little identity searching, the band started down the inevitable path of heaviness.
The insanely pissed off, aggressive, 5-song sophomore release from one of Pittsburgh, PA's hardest.  SHD blends the best of Death, Thrash, Hardcore and Grind attracting fans of all heavy genres. Features new vocalist Stefan Nitsch. The subject matter of "Murderous Deities" deals with everything from mind control of religion and politics to personal perseverance.  This CD will cut you in half.
1. Snakes Will Devour.
2. Murderous Deities
3. The Weak Will Rot
4. Cut All Ties
5. Sheep to the Slaughter

CD - € 7.00

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