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#6 w/ MIKE JUDGE, Sick of it All - BOOK

Over a decade in the making, issue #6 of Rumpshaker could be Eric Weiss' best yet, with 144 advertisement-free pages of hardcore reading with fantastic interviews with Mike Judge, Ceremony, Punch, Fucked Up, Tim Barry, Limp Wrist, Sick Of It All, and Chris Wrenn of Bridge 9 Records, plus interviews with Walter Schreifels, Chuck D of Public Enemy and Dan Yemin and their mothers, and lots of witty columns and rants !!!

From the Editor : "As a little kid, I asked more questions than a game show host. There was no studio audience and I had no prizes to award, but my curiosity led to constant inquiry about the world at large. It must have been exhausting—and annoying—but my sweet mom patiently indulged each interrogation.

Looking back, it makes perfect sense that I eventually found and fell in love with hardcore. With its more than music ethos, I discovered a scene that asked as many questions as I did. And in it, I started to find answers. 

I also found inspiration. Ian taught me it's okay to be out of step with this fucked up world. Ray and Porcell helped me realize it's always possible to make a change. And H.R. encouraged me to get that PMA. 

Today, as an adult, hardcore speaks to me as clearly as ever. Ceremony doesn't let me forget the value of raw, unbridled anger. Paint it Black reminds me that rage without reason is pointless. And Betrayed energize me to find positivity in the face of adversity. The list goes on and on, and I am a better person for all of it. 

Rumpshaker is a celebration of this culture that means so much to so many. And, small a token as it is, this is my thank you to hardcore." - Eric

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