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Collateral Damage CD - Death Threat !

Rude Awakening (RA) just finished recording their debut full-length, 'Collateral Damage', with Dean Baltulonis at The Wild Arctic in Portsmouth, NH (Agnostic Front, Modern Life Is War, Sick Of It All). 

These ten songs have brutally honest lyrics that cover a wide range of topics and harsh truths with no holds barred.
Musically, these songs are equally as punishing as RA puts an updated spin on heavy-hitting Connecticut and New York-style hardcore !
1.      Progression Through Aggression
2.      Burning At Both Ends
3.      Fence Walker
4.      Black Widow
5.      Path Of Destruction
6.      Collateral Damage
7.      Dragging The Anchor
8.      Hypocrisy Among Us
9.      Higher Power
10.      Against The Grain

CD - € 12.00

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