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Human Pollution CD

Hardcore played in the form of both our fore-fathers and our peers.
This is for real one of the coolest and meanest Cds I had in my hands for months :

Human Pollution CD Review
by Tremblay at

"The south has brought us another good band. RUCKUS from Los Angeles, California are at full speed ahead with a sound that seems to have been lost over the years. They are doing a sound that's very loud and brutal, similar to what I hate to categorize in the tough guy or beatdown hardcore section. I was blasting the first 2 songs they put out on their myspace, and I was hooked. When I first heard their guitar tone, I knew that they have been influenced by a lot of Hardcore metallic bands like All Out War, Merauder and most of the mid 90' bands out of Jersey like E-town, Second To None and Fury of Five (there is also a cover of 'Taste the Steel' on this CD !)

If you're into pushing weights, getting ignorant at shows, jail tattoos and Slayer, this has your name on it !


Tracklisting  :

01. true testament
02. purge
03. song of self
04. the frontlines
05. fools die
06. matanbuchus
07. taste the steel

CD - € 9.00

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