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As Pearls Before Swine CD HOLY TERROR

"As Pearls Before Swine" is the first proper full-length effort for ROT IN HELL.

Just two minutes in, Rot In Hell sonically rip their world wide open, galloping forth into musical blackness.

And "As Pearls Before Swine" proves that there is still something wild, untamable and truly dangerous lurking in the shadows of today's hardcore/punk community !


1. Fulminate Of Mercury
2. Traitor's Gate
3. Rotting Hell
4. Hallways Of The Always
5. Lucius Ferre
6. Ishtar's Descent/Between Iron Teeth
7. Darkness Calls
8. Behavioral Resistance MMIX
9. Coyontenia
10. Ars Sina Scienta Nihil Est
11. Twilight Tongues

CD - € 12.00

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