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Hallways of the Always COLOR LP


Hailing from the UK, Rot In Hell delivers 13 tracks in the raw holy terror vein of Systems Overload-era Integrity meets early Ringworm. This LP compiles all of their demos and 7″s as well as a slew of unreleased tracks !

Sonically combining the best elements of Integrity's "Systems Overload" LP crossed with Ringworm's "The Promise" LP, Rot In Hell deliver 12 raw and furious tracks of "Holy Terror" inspired hardcore. "Hallways Of The Always." compiles all of this UK's pre-Deathwish, Inc. material onto one release !


1. Behavioral Resistance
2. Sin Of Malice
3. Final Word
4. The Barrens - Cholothrax
5. Iron Halo
6. Kingdom Of Heaven
7. Dyonision
8. Black Omega
9. Skincrawl
10. Chunks
11. Psionic Annihilation
12. Now, Today, Tomorrow And Always

LP - € 15.00

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