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I Am - New CD !

 After the release of their last EP "Of Fights and Lights" in February 2016, RISING ANGER had an extended break from performing live on stage to fully concentrate on the songwriting of their next full length album "I Am". During this time, a lot has changed for all band members: the first graduation, the first full time job or leaving their parents house. In the first months of this period there was actually little time left for band life. However, everyone noticed how much they missed making music, as well as spending time together, so RISING ANGER met again weekly only a short time later to complete the album.

The change of their sound, that the band had started with on their last EP, has been advanced and so the music of RISING ANGER can now been described as something between post-hardcore and rock. The melancholy and atmosphere, that the five musicians wanted to create in each song, still remains. Further, it can be said that the members of RISING ANGER tried to express themselves in a lyrical way, which can also be seen by the title of the upcoming full length. Each song tells a personal story of a band member in an impressive and emotional way. Tales of love, suffering, failure but also happiness are described. Even if all of them have grown up, RISING ANGER will probably always be the child heads who founded the band 10 years ago. The album was recorded by Emil Cezanne in Offenbach / Frankfurt, just like the last two records.
In terms of sound, it was important for the band to maintain the analog vibe, but still to evolve and become more defined than "Of Fights and Lights". Concerning the song-arrangement , RISING ANGER also sometimes venture into pop-like structures on "I Am". In general, there has been a lot of sweat, tears and passion that left a mark on this album, which has become a healthy mix of atmosphere, speed and a lot of anger, what RISING ANGER is known for. Even though the band name is ten years old now and the five members have often thought about changing it, it simply describes the feeling in the best way. For each and every one of RISING ANGER, making music and performing it live on stage, is a way of balancing their fears, worries and anger. (Bastardized)

CD - € 12.00

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