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Tokyo Assault CD !!!

Review by Peachey Six Ft. Ditch from his Gluewebzine :

"YES FRANCE AGAIN, this time PARIS, Shibuya departement & Ile-de-France.
This cd is fucking amazing, thats the first thing I need to say.
Great sound really polished, Its MOSH METAL I think is best to describe it.

Track 1 starts with a nice clean guitar tune, then boom in it comes MOSH IT UP.

only 5 tracks on this cd which sucks, but they are so good you will play it over & over again & not get bored.

Hip HOP influenced hardcore, but with a nice metal Anthrax kinda mosh parts.

They describe themselves as Onizuka Hardcore what ever that is :)
Five people in this band, you might have seen there music vid online for the song Protect Ya Chest, unfortunaltely that song is not on this cd, but lucky its going to be on the upcomming Goodlife records comp CD BEATDOWN BASTERDS.

This band is gonna be HUGE TRUST ME, get this CD you will love it.


- We Agree !  Few CD's available, don't sleep !!!

CD - € 10.00

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