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Music » Reproach » s/t LP Rare SILVER Vinyl !!

s/t LP Rare SILVER Vinyl !!

RARE color version of this LP on SILVER VINYL , Limited to 300 Copies !

Reissue of the first Reproach record on Deep Six Records.

This is a classic Belgian hardcore LP.
For fans of  INFEST, Negative Approach and Neos.   

Artwork re-interpreted by Nabbe The Bastard (BLIND TO FAITH), which makes this record even cooler than it already is !
Tracklisting : 

A1 I'd Rather Skate All Day
A2 I'll Make Sure Of It
A3 Biochemical Warfare
A4 How Stupid Do You Think I Am?
A5 School Sucks
A6 To Hell With Her
A7 Fuck It
A8 Blind
A9 Scars
A10 Gonna Have To Fight (S.O.A.)
A11 What A Fucking Mess
A12 Protestor (NEGATIVE FX)
B1 We Hate You
B2 No Turning Back
B3 Skate Of Ass
B4 Bring Me Down
B5 Rat Race
B6 It's Over
B7 Collapse
B8 No!
B10 The Kinda Song You Write When You're Fed Up!
B12 Thrashard, Ride Free

LP - € 12.00

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