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Mailorder Knife Set LP

Last copies of REPRISAL's second LP !

Italy’s Reprisal started out in ’96. The common goal of the bold guys was to build the first vegan straight edge band in the Romagna area, and each member was selected out of different local Hardcore Bands.

After only a couple rehearsals, Reprisal entered the studio in early ’97 for a split 7” on cycle recs. This release contained only two songs but it opened big doors for them and resulted in a deal for their debut CD in ’98 "Where heavy gloom dominate" on germany's Voice of life rec. is now a collector's item. Same goes for the 7”.

The said cd sold out in less than a year, without any tours or shows because of line up troubles, but merely because of the music and excellent reviews in zines all over. With a more solid line up (new drummer Francesco"Cusu", new singer Enrico) and countless efforts in the practice room, the band gave light to their "Boundless human stupidity" masterpiece.

Good Life heard it and only 2 weeks laer they signed the deal and released the CD in march 2000...whoever told you that putting out cds takes time? With the massive GL promotion on their back and their inner will to stay on the road, Reprisal toured all over Europe and hit Japan for the first time in august 2001, which granted a special place in the heart of the entire Japanese scene.

The result was a second Japan tour in 2002, consisting out of 8 shows (only Vision Of Disorder did a longer tour) ! The strenght of this band is their live shows; Reprisal is one of the hardest working bands in Europe as they don’t care whether they play a local show or if they need to open up for bigger acts. Energy and passion are the Key Words.

Reprisal has shared stages with bands like Agnostic Front, AFI, SOIA, 25 ta life, Shelter and many others. From 2000 to 2002 Reprisal composed the songs for their 3rd lp/cd "Mail order knife set" in between the touring. The band has matured a lot and MOKS sounds way less metal and way more hardcore. Back to the roots!

LP - € 10.00

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