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Tales From The Bricks CD

From the Band : 

"Razorblade Handgrenade is a diverse hardcore, punkrock, hip hop movement here 4 the sole purpose 2 change this world through music 4 the betta And we express real life through our lyrics and tunes..... revolution inside 4 walls expanding fans' minds and there souls through self enlightenment... our form of melody speaks 2 the openminded people who see outside this box we all conform 2 a standard wake up! open ur eyes n ur hearts cause we were all born free and continue 2 live this way till u let someone or sumthing conrol ur life>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>RBHG"

12-track Album of diverse NYHC For fans of  Agnostic Front, Warzone, Absolution and No Redeeming Social Value !


1. Intro
2. Act Like You Know
3. As the Train Passes
4. My Set
5. Page 472
6. Blinded Us to the Truth
7. Revolutionary Strike
8. Stuck in a Jam
9. We All grew Up
10. You See Me Stack
11. Rob the Joint
12. Days on End

CD - € 12.00

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