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Music » Ratface » Negative Partycore CD + Bonus !

Negative Partycore CD + Bonus !

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Ratface are deeply rooted in the finnish hardcore-scene which is one of the strongest scenes in Europe.

Their sound is a tight mix of hardcore, punk, thrash metal and whatever they wanna throw in.

Ratface have never set any rules to what they do and have always played really diverse shows and done co-operation also with hip-hop, metal etc. bands.

On the break of releasing their 4th album, their second full-lenght titled 'Negative Partycore', the future is looking pretty drunk and busy.

Ratface continue to do whatever they feel like and maybe just because of that some people seem to even like them !

Ratface – Original Saunacore since 2006

MC Respektor – vocals
Spider – Drums
J-Low – Bass
La Grulla – Guitar
Saunakiller – Guitar


1. Never Mind The Phonecallz Bomb Dem Wallz
2. Gas Me Gas You Gas My Crew
3. Lippis On The Rocks
4. Mad As Life
5. Respektor Wants To Drink All Night feat. DEAN NRSV
6. Fucking Epic Heavy Metal Song
7. HC-Bailut Notkean Rotan ja Rautaperseen seurassa
8. Ghetto Vomit-Cry
9. Never Remember Always Forget Best Party Ever
10. Beatdown Syndrome
11. Bonus

CD - € 10.00

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